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How to start promoting your business. September 30 2014

How to start promoting your business?

Promotional Items UK

So we often get customers coming to us looking for new ways to promote their new businesses. Sure enough there are 1000s of way to promote a business but which ones really work?

Here are our favourite ways to promote your business.

Word of mouth

One of the oldest but still the best ways to promote a business is word of mouth. Letting customers recommend your wonderful services to others will gain you respect and more than likely drive you potential customers.

There is one easy way to explain why word of mouth advertising works…would you trust a stranger or a close friend? More people a set to trust a closest pal and take note of what they are saying than a complete stranger.


Direct mail

If you have a thriving customer base then why not try direct marketing by posting related offers or news straight to their door. This can be a very powerful way to promote your new business and it goes a long way to keep your business in the minds of the customers.

However, there can be drawbacks. Harassing your lovely customers with useless information or repeating content over and over again will only work as a negative against your business.

Keep it relevant and fresh!



Join local business groups, have a business opening party or just get out there! Often businesses can underestimate the importance of networking and can miss potential customers at every turn.

Social networking can also go a long way to gain respect in your industry and get noticed by potential customers.


Promotional Items

Well we couldn’t let you go without what we think of promotional items could we? With a huge selection to choose from promotional items can drive traffic to your website and gain new customers. When at a tradeshow, giving out your business details and message printed on a quality promotional items will help drive sales and enquiries.

Make them relevant. You may think having low cost pens will be the answer, sure they will really help but try finding unique promotional items that says a lot about your brand. Make it personal and something your customers will keep!


We can carry on talking about our ways to promote a business but the above are our favourites. Maybe you have other success stories you want to share with everyone?

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