Product in the spotlight! 500ml grip bottles April 22 2015

Product in the spotlight!




So when we think a product needs some special attention it gets put in our spotlight. This week’s product is….drum roll……500ml Grip bottles.

Why are they in the spotlight you ask? Let us tell you. These 500ml grip bottles printed with your logo will really add something special to your next campaign.

What better time to promote your business on water bottles than when the weather changes to become hotter. People start flocking out of their dark rooms and slap on the sun cream and head for the beaches, what is at the beaches? People. Lots of them. So what better way to get your business noticed than on coloured bottles with a sippy lid.


What’s it got to offer?

These printed bottles come in a wide range of colours. The lids can also be your choice so you can have complete customisation of this product.


Grip it!

Featuring a finger grip on the reverse, these bottles won’t slip out of your customer’s hands.

Handy size

Not too big and not too small. Just right for a wide range of audiences. How about using them to promote your local football club or sports events?


Large frontal print area

Not only does this bottle seem to offer everything else it also features a frontal print area. There will be enough space for even the most challenging of logos.


Perfect for summer events

Yes, summer. Don’t worry we hope we don’t bring the rain now we mention the ‘s’ word. Picnics, parties, beach visits & marathons will all benefit from the addition of these promotional sports bottles.


Low Minimum quantity

Our grip bottles not only boast a great print area, low cost promotional item but they also come in low minimums. Order from only 50 to help promote your business.


So there you have it, 500ml printed grip bottles put under the scrutiny of our product researchers. So when it comes to sports bottles and promotions think PG Promotional Items and these great bottles!