PG Promotional Items Introduces An Alternative To Plastic Pens. September 03 2019

For a few years now, recycling plastic, plastic pollution and how to limit or even avoid plastic has been a hot topic for many. We all know by now the effect plastic use is having on our world and animals within it. So we are all driven to do our bit in reducing our use and carbon footprint.

Industries need to take the reins and lead us as consumers to a better product, more recycling ideas and lower emissions. Until then we have to find ways to be conscious of our use and slow any damaging actions we are making.

So what can we do as a company?

We have always been keen to use recycled or recyclable products where we can. Some limitation are still applying within industries but we try to make the best of what we have available.

Early on in 2019 we were getting asked from our customers ways they could promote their brand using pens but without the guilt of a plastic pen.

So what are the options?

We would firstly advise them to try metal. Printed metal pens have often been disregarded due to their cost. Yes, they are not as cost-effective as a low cost plastic pen but remember why you are choosing an alternative in the first place? Surely a little extra cost is not comparable to the recycling capabilities if a metal pen?

Not all metal pens are expensive. Top brands such as Parker, Balmain are all warrant of the hefty price tag but we have some really great low cost printed metal pens in our range.

Check out our Electra pens for example. They are an entry-level metal pen but with the durability of a mid-range metal pen. They come in a range of colours and can be printed on the barrel for maximum brand exposure. These Electra pens can also be engraved.

printed metal pens


Metal not your thing? How about trying one of our new Printed Bamboo Pens?

These modern, sleek looking pens will grab your clients attention and instantly will be recognisable as a mostly recyclable pen. The bodies are made from hand-turned wood such as bamboo giving a smooth finish. Elegant and natural, this range of pens is new to the industry and once suppliers jump on-board more, this range is set to grow.

Check out these Printed Bamboo Pens. They are one of our lowest priced bamboo pens but don't let that discourage you. This is our best-selling bamboo pen. Its price tag suits all and the build quality is not compromised. A great all-rounder for a campaign set to eliminate plastic.

printed bamboo pens


Currently bamboo pens are limited to natural bamboo. As of yet there are no suppliers offering coloured bamboo pens in the UK. but we are not sure its needed. this natural background for your logo will look amazing and give your customer a real talking point.

Check out our full range of Promotional Eco Pens & Printed Bamboo Pens and see what your next campaign will bring.