Branding your business with promotional items March 24 2017

Whether your business is a new start up, emerging business or an established one, getting your brands look right is crucial for recognition and for customers to remember what your business provides.

Most customers on first sight of your brand will make a decision if they are interested to peruse to an enquiry within 2 minutes of seeing what you have to offer.

It may be a website, direct mail or other methods of advertising they see so make sure it all sits inline with your companies brand. Ensure that if you are using multiple mediums of advertising, make sure they all look the same delivering one, clear message.

Making your brand 'branded' can be time consuming and costly. Promotional items make it easier and the multiple can reduce branding costs significantly. What we can ensure is after you have completed the look of your business online you need branded merchandise to go with it and that sits inline with your look.

Here are some of our top products and tips to get your brand looking 'tip top'!

Have an idea before you start.

This can be trickier than it sounds. But do try and get a feel for what type of promotional items you need for your brand. Are you using the items to 'brand' your business? Are you looking for a branded giveaway? Both are top uses and very different ones.

If you are looking to brand your business then you may like to spend a little bit extra and get a more executive product or more customised to sit within your brand guidelines.

If you have an event that maybe doesn't need to reflect your brand as much but simply needs to delivery your message and contact details then chose products that are lower in value but higher in quantity. This will give you the absolute maximum efficiency when distributing your newly printed promotional items.

Think about the colours you need. Try to find items that sit within your brand guidelines. You may have your brand coloured in Black and White. Choose from black products with a white print or white products with a black print. Any variations of your brand can add diversity within your range of promotional items.

Once you know what you are looking for you stand a better change in finding your perfect products online. If you are still stuck for ideas, just contact use and we can help talk you through it all and give you some great options to work with.


Create a package

So you have the brand colours, you have found a product. What about other complimentary products to enhance the look and thus impact of your campaign. You may be attending a trade show this year, try to get the complete set that you may need to help customers remember your brand. 

Supposing your company branding is Orange and White, here are some great options below for that ultimate branding experience. This complete package will deliver everything from brand recognition to practical promotional items for your clients.

Promotional Drawstring Bags

promotional drawstring bags

A fantastic 210D polyester drawstring bag. A branded promotional item to put everything in!


Printed Sports Bottles

promotional sports bottles

Available to mix and match the lids and bottle colours, you can create a great branded item.


Promotional Powerbanks

promotional power banks

Mix it up with these popular promotional items for businesses. Power banks give your customers mobile devices that little bit of a boost when they need it.


Printed pedometers

promotional pedometers

Add a practical it to your package to give customers something to hold on to. Find popular items of that year and go with it!

There are also other promotional items to try to brand your business.


Promotional Curvy Pens

promotional curvy pens

A winner in any promotion!


Promotional USB Sticks

promotional usb sticks

Our promotional USB sticks can be pre-uploaded with data to give your brand that extra appeal.

Here's a final look on what we think is a fantastic branded package for any business. All the promotional items match and shout branding!

branding with promotional items


So there you have it that rounds up how branding your business with promotional items can be a worthy and essential part of any business.

Get a few ideas in your head, have a look on our website and get your business the ultimate look with printed promotional items.

If you need any help along the way, we are just a phone call away. 01202 798 644