Bestselling Promotional Pens July 05 2017

Bestselling promotional pens.

So, for our latest blog we decided to answer the number one question we get asked… What are the best-selling promotional pens? Well that’s got to be easy to answer, we hear you say? No. Promotional pens are like foods or colours. Every single person who’s buys promotional pens and receives promotional pens like a different style, a different shape. Some customers are limited to a selection of pens due to artwork constraints & brand colours.
On average, we do have a few best-selling promotional pens. However, we decided one pen needs the spotlight this time. The winner is…. Promotional Curvy Pens.

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Promotional Curvy Pens, sometimes called Contour pens, Nash pens or Curva pens are by far the best-selling promotional pens in our range.
We tried to answer, why? Why are these promotional pens selling so fast? We explore a few of its features below and try to find out why.


The design of these promotional pens must be up there as number one on the list. Without design, you simply have a promotional pen that is not instantly eye-catching and in turn, not appealing to your prospective audience. Your brand needs a pen that grabs the buyer’s attention and makes them drawn to your brand or product.

From the first glance, promotional curvy pens really do have a great design. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the users hands and from plunger to nib these promotional pens just glide!

Even the clip has a unique thin elliptical design. The grips are fattened for added comfort when writing and then all finished off with classy chrome looking features.

promotional pens clips, promotional curvy pens

Colour choice

Most promotional pens have a limited array of colours. Some just come in one particular colour or even silver or gold when it comes to metal pens. Not the promotional curvy pens, these pens come in over 30 colour variants as standard! And with our Mix ‘n match range you can increase that to a staggering amount of colours. These promotional pens have a coloured, almost translucent barrel in our standard range and expand to solid white barrels with coloured grips, coloured barrels with black grips and metallic finishes in our metal Curvy pens range.

So, if your branded needs promotional pens to match the company colours, this is a great starting pen for you.

Refill colour

There is a very limited choice when it comes to refill colours. The most popular refill colour in promotional pens is black. However, some customers prefer blue or even some more unique colour. Once again, these pens do not let you down. We have black ink available on all the range with blue ink refills for a smaller range of colours and styles. We do also have a limited selection of ink refill colours outside the box, such as pink or green in our digital curvy pens.



When looking for promotional pens for your business above all things, a main aspect is availability. It’s great choosing a pen, your colour, your print and then you find out that they are made to order or can take 3 months to arrive. Not with the Curvy pens. We stock large amounts of these pens. When stock is low we simply order more so you never have to wait long!

So, if your business needs fast, reliable, popular promotional pens then we recommend our Promotional Curvy Pens.

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