Promotional Items For Fresher Fairs That Will Blow Them Away September 02 2015

It’s fresher time!!

Every year we see a huge surge in customer ordering promotional items for fresher fairs. Some customers know exactly what they want, other need a little inspiration but ‘don’t worry’ we say, we have the products that will blow your fresher’s away.

It may be surprising to hear that the BBC reported a huge increase in new students attending full time education. Back in 2013 they say figures rise to almost 500,000 new starters! Imagine the potential of promoting your business and message to these eager to learn individuals.

We like helping other businesses ‘getting their message across’ so we have put together this run down of our favourite promotional items for fresher fairs so you can start promoting your business too.



Promotional Cotton totes

promotioanl tote bags, printed tote bags, promotional cotton bags

Promotional Tote Bags are simply a must have at any fresher fair. They will hold all the lovely goodies you decide to put in them and stand the test of time to help promote your message for longer. They are also 100% bio degradable and far better for our fragile planet than plastic bags.



Promotional Pens

promotional pens, printed pens, custom pens

The student essential. How are your new starters going to remember you in every lecture? A Printed pen. They will get used time and time again and the good news is they are low cost.



Printed Sticky Notes

promotional sticky notes, printed sticky notes, custom sticky notes

So you have the pens, now it’s time to give your fresher’s something to write their notes on. Offering printed sticky notes can combat the lack of organisation commonly associated with new students!



Promotional Selfie Sticks

promotional selfi sticks, printed selfie sticks, custom selfie sticks

Do you want your new starters to have fun and savour the moment? Then give out promotional selfie sticks. The year of the selfie is upon us and you need to keep up. Getting your message on these popular promotional items will be in the fresher’s eyes ‘and hands’ for months to come.



Rubber Nosed Piggy Banks

promotional piggy banks, custom printed piggy banks, printed piggy banks

We all know how student fees are rising…fast. Why not help them save for the future with these printed piggy banks? A great, fun promotional item to help your fresher’s develop their skills to save.




promotional clocks, printed clocks, custom clocks

If you want your fresher’s to get to your lectures on time then you need them to get up in the first place. Promotional clocks can be a great, practical item. Make a long-lasting impression all day when your students see your logo first thing in the morning, every morning.



Printed Earbuds

promotional earbuds, custom printed earbuds, promotional ear buds

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid walking down the street these days without seeing someone with earphone in listening to their favourite piece of music. How about giving out some promotional earbuds at your fresher fair so every time it’s time to listen to music your logo will be shown?


So there you have it. A small but comprehensive list of our favourite promotional fresher fair items. There a literally 100s of products that could fit your fresher’s event so why not take a look around and if you can’t find what you want, give us a shout!

What’s your favourite fresher giveaway? Have you been given a product at a fresher fair that you loved? Let us know.