Promotional Power Banks for Businesses December 16 2015

So we often get asked “what are the newest promotional products? What product will help promote my business? Which item would be best for corporate giveaways?” This year has to be promotional power banks.

They are the must have in any business, the vast variety of design can be endless and the colours will match any brand. They often come supplied complete with instructions, USB lead and casing or box so they really do make a complete package without putting any more effort in to it!

The Far East is renowned for churning out technology items and this is no exception. Export of such devices has risen considerably with the demand hitting an all-time high in 2015 – 2016. Containers full of power banks ready for distribution are heading for the UK 24 hours a day to meet the ever increasing demand.

So why did we decided to stock a range of power bars that we can print your logo on to? Well it’s simple really. We strive to source the best items available to the promotional products market. This is no exception. Our sourcing team noticed the influx of power banks heading to the UK and spotted a gap in the market for branded promotional power banks. We just had to make them available to business owners!

So how do power banks work?

Think of them like a rechargeable battery. You simply charge the power banks up using the supplied USB lead plugged into your PC or other charging device. Once charging is complete you are set to go! Unplug the power banks and head off for the day without the worry of your mobile devices battery running out. When your device is showing signs it might not make it through the day then plug in the charged power bank using your device lead and it will start to charge your low battery up wherever you are and on the go! Awesome.

How long do you get from one charge?

Well this is a hard questions to answer. This depends on three factors. What size power bank you buy, what device you are charging and how much battery life is left on your device before charging.

For a rough estimate you will get a charge of a mobile phone from one charged 2200mAh power bank. But hey, these devices are an emergency power, not a charging super hero!

So now you know a little about these wondrous devices let’s take a look at our favourite promotional power banks.


Pod Power Banks


promotional power banks - pod


Cool, calm & collection. These power banks have it all. A long print area for your design. Low cost and bags of colours to match to your brand. Brand yours here


Titan Power Banks

 promotional titan power banks

All we can say is WOW! These little guys really pack a punch. A massive charging capacity and the features to match. 4 lights will let you know the charging status. Brand yours here


Battery Power Banks

 printed power banks

A metal classic power bank. Printed or engraved these promotional power banks will dazzle your clients. Brand yours here


Digital Printed Power Banks

digitally printed power banks 

Do you have a complex logo? Do you struggle with printing your brand on usual items? Grab a bargain with the digitally printed power banks allowing you to print anything including photos! Brand yours here


Charge up your business and get the power banks printed with your logo today! Get yours now