Promotional Items Printing Methods Explained! January 08 2016

Promotional Items Printing Methods Explained!

It may come as a surprise but a lot of time and separate methods go into printing your promotional items with the best quality. Each product is completely different from another meaning the type of printing processes and machines we use for each product changes each time we print.
There are many obstacles to overcome when printing on promotional items such as the size of the product, odd shapes and surface material all play a huge part of deciding how we print your design to the highest standard available.
To help you make the right choice for your next campaign we have made this easy to follow comprehensive guide on how we print on promotional items. You will learn what the methods are and how they are used. You will also find out the difference between each type of printing methods and the challenges and obstacle with each method. We have also included the end result so you can see the difference between each type of print.

Screen Printing

Promotonal Items Screen Printing
This is the most widely used method in the promotional items industry. It’s a proven method to print a range of products in a variety of ‘spot’ colours using a screen to transfer the ink. Spot colours are premixed inks conforming to a chart of colours called a Pantone chart. This Pantone chart is widely used in the design industry and determines which spot colours to match to your logo.
The screens are usually made from nylon or polyester and are a reverse design of your logo. The ink is the spread across the screen and your logo is transferred to the product surface. Screen printing also has the benefit of usually being the most inexpensive option for printing.
The disadvantages are you can only print in spot colours. This does not allow for shades of that colour or gradients.
Which products are best used for screen printing? We would suggest T-Shirts.

Pad / Tampo print

Promotional Items Pad Printing
This is a widely used printing method very similar to screen printing. Instead of using a screen to transfer the ink we use a pre-made pad made from silicone to transfer the inks to the products. Great for a wide range of products such as pens, folders and plastic mugs.
The most common products used for pad print are promotional pens.

Digital Print

This is one of the newest and most sort after promotional item printing methods in today’s market. It really opens up the possibilities on the colours used to print. Instead of using inks we use a standard CMYK range. The same range to print on paper products. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
This makes it ideal for low print runs, complex or colourful designs and campaigns that need to create a WOW factor.
The disadvantages are it can be more expensive on larger print runs and not all products can be printed in this method.
Some of the best digitally printing items are some of our keyrings.

Laser Engraving

Promotional Items Laser Engraving
Mainly used for metal items, laser engraving offers an engraved design using the latest laser technologies. Your design will feature no colours, just the colour of the raw material after it has been inscribed. Details can be replicated quite precisely and the huge bonus is that the engraving will last as long as the product!
Metal products are often used for laser engraving so why not try these battery power banks.


Promotional Items Embroidery
Embroidery is the method used usually for fabrics such as clothing. It does not use inks; it is threads of colour. The threads also matched the Pantone charts used in screen printing so we can replicate most colours. Embroidery is a great method for long-lasting clothing garments and they give a professional look to you brand.
If you are looking for your logo to be embroidered, then try our polo shirts.


Promotional Items Resin Doming
This is an extremely professional finish to the product. We print a label or sticker and coat it in a crystal clear resin which is durable and long-lasting. The doming finish is smooth, clear and resistant to light scratches and scuffs. It really makes for a fantastic finish.
These coasters are the once to have if you are looking for a doming effect. Stainless steel coasters.

Transfer print

Promotional Items Heat Transfer Process
This is where we print usually on a sticker surface in full colour and then use a heat transfer machine to transfer the image onto the chosen product. This type of printing is mainly used for clothing and fabric garment such as bags. This gives a great finish but the design can fade if the products are washed a lot of times.
Some of our transfer printed bags will be a great choice. Digital printed tote bags.

Debossing / Embossing

Promotional Items Silicone Wristbands
Gives your logo that 3 dimensional feel and look. This is mainly used for silicone or PVC products but we are introducing this method into other products. Your logo will be loaded to a heated machine and them stamped into the product allowing the heat to melt and mould the product into your design. Embossing works in the same way but with your design reversed. On some products we can also add an ink colour to the raised surfaces.
If you want to utilise a debossed logo how about silicone wristbands?
So that just about round up our handy guide to printing promotional items here in the UK. Have you had any other printing methods we haven’t discussed? Do you have a favourite?
If you need more help on promotional items printing just give us a shout. One of our team will guide you through it all and get you’re the best possible outcome for your next campaign.